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Bryce Jackson (Design & Engineering)

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Scrola is the first product released by Mantalabs. Scrola is a web application that enables users to create scrolling screenshots of webpages. The product eliminates the need for manual screen recording, cropping, stiching, or composing in tools such as After Effects.

The initial concept for this project arose from our desire to create automated snapshots of webpages for performance testing purposes. One use case for this utility is to display portfolio work in a more dynamic way. Scrola powers the scrolling screenshot on this page and other pages on our site. While not revolutionary, we do hope this tool can be of use to other web developers!



Screenshot Creation

Development Summary

The web application is powered by Laravel, Vue.js, TailwindCSS, a little bit of Node.js & Puppeteer scripting, and some FFMPEG glue. The initial project was developed over the course of three weeks in Olympia, Washington and Columbus, Georgia.

The biggest technical challenge that comes with building an application of this nature is the optimization of Puppeteer and FFMPEG processes. As we receive feedback and users, we hope to continue to learn, and improve the speed of video transcoding.

We have several interesting features in the pipeline that we believe can assist developers with the marketing side of shipping products and websites.